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The volume of electricity production in Olkiluoto will be doubled when the operation of the OL3 plant unit starts. This means that the emission-free nuclear electricity produced in Olkiluoto will play a significant role in the economic development, electricity self-sufficiency and general well-being of the whole country.

As a producer of electricity that is benign to the environment and the climate, TVO safeguards and maintains the diversity of nature. About 21 percent of all electricity produced in Finland and about 16 percent of all electricity consumed in Finland is generated on the small island of Olkiluoto, surrounded by four nature conservation areas. The centralisation of energy production into a small area minimises the environmental impact and makes it possible to preserve other areas in their natural state. The Environmental Management System of TVO has been certified against the requirements of the ISO 14001standard and registered to EMAS.

The effects that the operation of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant has on land, sea and air are monitored constantly, and environmental baseline studies have been carried out in the area already before the start of electricity production, since the 1970s. Based on the monitoring results, environmental loads are minor. Energy production has had no significant impact on the nature of Olkiluoto, which in main parts is rugged and poor in species. The most significant impact resulting to the environment from the power plant is the thermal load caused by the cooling water to the sea water.

Finnish people are highly concerned about the climate change and the majority consider the fight against climate change extremely important. Nuclear power is seen to play a major role in the common fight against climate change and an increasing number of respondents believe that it is very difficult for Finland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere without the construction of new nuclear power plants. Nuclear electricity contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the achievement of the climate target. Without nuclear power, there is no credible path to a low-carbon society.

The number of people who are in favour of nuclear power due to environmental reasons is increasing. The production of nuclear power does not cause any carbon dioxide emissions; emissions remain on the same level with hydropower and wind power during the entire lifecycle of nuclear power. TVO's role in the mitigation of climate change and promotion of sustainable development is significant. Emission-free nuclear power creates the basis for green economy.

TVO requires that all the employees, cooperation partners and contractors adhere to the principles of responsibility defined in TVO's Code of Conduct and social responsibility policy. TVO complies in its operation with valid laws, the Articles of Association, and principles of good governance. Any issues of conflict of interest are handled in accordance with the requirements of the law. According to the Code of Conduct, TVO employees need to excuse themselves from the processing of matters that may involve a conflict of interests, regardless of their position. The Company-level policies of TVO outline the key aspects of social responsibility.

TVO Group offers employment opportunities in many fields in Olkiluoto and Helsinki, and maintains an extensive network of partners and contractors, which distributes the economic activity generated by the Olkiluoto power plant to the whole of Finland. Every year, TVO provides work practice opportunities to students in related fields as well as jobs to summer employees and thesis writers.

TVO's aim is to be a good neighbour and a responsible operator in the society. TVO communicates information about its operation swiftly, transparently, neutrally and factually. TVO wishes to engage in open interaction with all the operators of the society as well as with the general public. The objective is to increase knowledge on nuclear power as well as mutual trust among stakeholders, and to support transparent and constructive interaction in the regions near Olkiluoto, in the Finnish society and in the global nuclear industry.

TVO cooperates with political decision-makers and the government in the development and adoption of laws and guidelines pertaining to the energy sector. TVO's contact with all the stakeholder groups is based on high ethical principles and thus reinforces confidence in the operation of both TVO and the stakeholder group, posing no threat to the reputation or objectivity of either of them.

The Company seeks to identify through regular dialogue and surveys the expectations of the stakeholders and to meet them using all available means and methods. Equal interaction with all stakeholder groups is important to TVO. The views of the stakeholders are taken into account in all of TVO's plans and decisions that may have a significant impact on the local community or the Finnish society.