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The safe operation of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is based on the high standard of plant engineering, the principle of continuous improvement, competent and responsible personnel, as well as independent external oversight.

TVO is committed to the maintenance of operating conditions that ensure the implementation of efficient procedures and practices in a safety, quality and cost conscious manner. This guarantees the ability to produce competitive electricity safely and reliably. TVO's operation must not cause harm to people, the environment or property. The plant units are kept in good condition at all times and their safety features have been improved in many ways throughout their operating history.

TVO's entire personnel, suppliers and contractors are committed to an uncompromising safety culture. The factors that affect the safety of the nuclear power plant are awarded the attention they deserve based on their criticality and are prioritised in decision-making. The principle of continuous improvement, proactivity and the safety culture are highlighted in day-to-day work. Preparedness for abnormal conditions is recorded in the Company procedures and these are also used as the basis in the preparation of action plans, and training and exercise plans for e.g. emergency response operation, fire safety and security arrangements. Exercises are carried out annually on a regular basis with the scope and duration determined according to the objectives of the exercise. Exercises are designed to test the effectiveness and scope of procedures and to strengthen cooperation between various operators, for example.

At present, plant modifications are being implemented at the power plant in preparation for the extention of the operating licence of the plant units in 2018. The modifications will further improve the safety and reliability of the plant units, including recovery from events caused by exceptional natural phenomena. A lot of attention is paid to the safety culture and the associated procedures and practices. TVO has a certified Integrated Management System that supports methodical operation and defines good practices to ensure the safety, competitiveness, high quality, and environmental friendliness of the electricity production. Occupational safety target is zero accidents.

TVO follows the from-rock-to-rock principle and ensures at all the stages of the electricity production chain the safe use of the nuclear fuel, starting with the responsible procurement of uranium and all the way to the safe final disposal of spent fuel.

TVO has own in-house competence of a high standard for all phases of fuel procurement. The composition of the fuel used by TVO, and how it is used, are specified by TVO itself. TVO procures fuel for the plant using a decentralised procurement chain, and conducts negotiations and concludes procurement agreements itself with suppliers at each phase of the procurement chain. There are several suppliers for each phase of the procurement chain and competitive bidding processes are arranged on a regular basis.

Spent fuel is radioactive and must be dealt with in a way which ensures that it causes no harm to the living nature or to people even after a prolonged period of time. In Finland, research has been carried out on final disposal for more than 40 years. Multidisciplinary research and development efforts have produced the most advanced and progressive solution in the world for the final disposal of spent fuel. As the first country in the world, Finland is about to start the final disposal of spent fuel in early 2020s.

The costs of nuclear waste management and final disposal of spent fuel are collected in the price of nuclear electricity from the shareholders of TVO into a fund for future use.