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Objectives and Results of TVO's Responsibility Program

Objectives of responsibility are based on the principle of continuous improvement. The objectives enable the company to follow realization of major responsibility issues.

Objective 2018
Actual 2018
Reputation index
Personnel survey, category
Reports suspecting violations of
the Company's Code of Conduct
Sick leaves, %
Occupational accident frequency<3.23.6
Collective radiation dose, manmSv1,0551,101
Number of environmental incidents, pcs02*
Unplanned energy unavailability factor, %02.2
Number of unplanned automatic scrams, pcs03

Reputation index: TVO Group stakeholder survey, average of respondent groups 0–100; under 50=Weak, 50–62=Moderate, 62–70=Good, over 70=Excellent. The survey is conducted and the results are reported in every two years. The next survey will be conducted in 2019.
Personnel survey: AAA=Excellent, AA+=Good+, AA=Good, A+=Satisfactory+, A= Satisfactory, B=Negative, C=Weak. Implemented every 18 months.
Occupational accident frequency: per million working hours. The indicator is Group-level.
Collective radiation dose: World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) indicator. Reference point: other WANO members’ NPPs. Goal: the best quarter.
Environmental incidents: in class considerable/severe. *During the year occurred one incident and one earlier incident was cleared.
Unplanned energy unavailability factor: % of total production.

Read more about TVO's social, environmental and economical responsibility from TVO's Responsiblity Report 2018

Procedures of Nuclear industry were enhanced

The principles of management and working policies in nuclear power plant were developed in 2018 by defining the expectations for Nuclear professionals ie. the expectations for working in nuclear plant and by executing measures to enforce the expectations. The expectations were included in TVO’s Operating System.

The expectations of nuclear professional cover the features of all personnel and contractors working in Olkiluoto. They also include function specified expectations for production, lifecycle management, safety, construction site standards, maintenance and final disposal.

Function specified expectations are complied jointly with Company’s policies, instructions and procedures in every day work. Implementation of expectations for Nuclear professional will be continued in 2019.

Results of Ethical Business

TVO does not accept any kind of corruption or bribery. The Code of Conduct requires employees to refrain from transactions and retreat from situations, which could cause a conflict between the interests of the Company and the individual. The Company maintains a register on the engagements of specified individuals. TVO also has specific instructions regarding hospitality practices and the processing of inside information. Detailed instructions are available regarding the approval procedure of TVO’s commitments (procurement agreements, orders, invoices etc.).

TVO respects the human rights of all people affected by the Company’s operations and expects the same from all companies acting in its supply and subcontracting chains. TVO’s objective is to guarantee good working conditions for all employees. In accordance with its Code of Conduct, TVO does not condone any kind of discrimination or harassment on the grounds of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, opinions or other personal characteristics. TVO observes an equality and equal opportunity plan.

All personnel, partner and subcontractor activities at Olkiluoto are supervised by TVO. TVO only trades with approved suppliers. All products and services acquired must meet the requirements of TVO’s safety, quality and environmental standards as well as the principles of responsible business described in the Company’s Code of Conduct. TVO’s supplier review process includes also active monitoring and periodical reviewing of suppliers. By supplier reviews the Company ensures that suppliers follow good practices on environmental, personnel and quality management related issues. During 2018, 152 suppliers were reviewed by various methods.

TVO has a procedure for reporting suspected violations of the Company’s Code of Conduct and abuses of insider information. The report can also be filed anonymously. TVO’s internal audit processes all concerns regarding possible violations against the Code of Conduct or abuses of insider information in such a manner that the rights and the privacy of both the person raising the concern and the alleged violator are protected under all circumstances.

Internal audit investigated six notifications of possible violations against TVO’s Code of Conduct in 2018 and implemented necessary actions.