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Well-being at work

TVO Group has launched the project "Better work place” (formerly “Well-being and profitable employees 2020") for the development of the management and operating culture.

The objectives of the project include the improvement of the efficiency of operations and the securing of good preconditions for operations through the development of issues related to the work of every individual, the immediate work community and the whole Group.
At the second phase of the “better work place” project, the themes introduces at the first phase were continued. The activities for the development of each individual's own work included the development of personal competence and service production, as well as the implementation of the well-being at work programme. The objectives defined for the immediate work community included the opening up of the reward system and the development of managerial work and safety culture. On Group level, objectives included succession planning, utilization of score cards in the leadership process and processing of the themes brought up in the personnel survey.

Well-being at work part of corporate culture development

The development of well-being at work is one of the most important aspects in the responsibility programme of the TVO Group. The well-being at work programme is included in the theme which focuses on the development of the work of individuals in the “Better work place” project. The well-being at work programme comprises a plan for well-being at work as well as a plan for occupational health care.

In 2017, the themes of the plan for well-being at work included
  • values, attitudes and motivation,
  • health and work conditions,
  • leadership, and
  • competence.

Close cooperation has continued in the field of occupational health care. The Company has had in place an early intervention model, and models have been created for alternative and modified work. In the implementation of the occupational health care, special attention is paid to preventive promotion and maintenance of the work ability, and a risk-based review of the work ability. Small-group activities for targeted impact on factors that threaten the work ability of specific groups are an example of this approach. Read more about small-group activities at https://www.ilmarinen.fi/100tekoa/puhtia-pienryhmatoiminnasta/.

In addition to the extensive occupational health care available to the whole personnel, well-being at work is promoted by the supplementary insurance coverage of the employees. Voluntary medical expenses insurance, additional accident insurance, and travel insurance are offered to the Group’s permanent employees. Flexible hours and a sabbatical system allow employees to better balance their work with their free time. A new system introduced to support the balancing of work with free time is the work time bank. The work time bank system is applied to senior salaried employees covered by the total remuneration system.

The personnel of the TVO Group are offered the Smartum exercise and culture balance, based on the employer sponsoring the employees' own activities designed to maintain their work ability. During the year, various personnel events have also been organised in order to maintain and promote well-being at work as well as communality. The Visitor Centre arranged a family evening in Christmas spirit in November. The Group also has several holiday facilities that the personnel can use.

The navigation discussions introduced in 2016 were continued The main purpose of the discussions is to review, four times a year, the personal goals of each employee and their development in them. The focal areas in leadership and managerial work were thus shifted from work time monitoring to performance management. The procedure also made more flexible forms of working, such as teleworking, possible in tasks to which they are suited. The navigation discussions give everybody an opportunity to go through, with their own superior, development proposals related to the operations of the Company, the immediate work community or the individual's own work.

Management culture in the focus of development efforts

The 2020 strategy of the TVO Group and the factors that have influenced it were in 2017 communicated to the entire personnel in an interactive and versatile manner. Information has been provided to the employees about the most important objectives defined in the strategy, the operating environment, the strategic risks, and the views of the personnel and the customers that have been considered in the strategy.

In the autumn of 2016, TVO Group decided to start, as part of the “Better work place” project (formerly “Well-being at work and profitable employees 2020 project), a project for the development of change management and communication. The project will continue until 2020. The project is designed for the development of leadership and managerial work according to the expectations and objectives defined for managerial employees. The managerial approach is expected to be based on motivational leadership that produces results. The coaching programme aims at improving personnel job satisfaction and well-being and ensuring the achievement of the strategic goals. In 2017, the focal area of development covered change management and communication (incl. work community skills).

During the project, coaching is provided to managerial staff and senior management in motivational leadership based on management presence and consideration of individuals. Managers are expected to tackle problems, but also notice the good results. The themes of the coaching programme include e.g. leadership of inner motivation, targeted and measurable managerial work, operationalisation of strategy, inclusive management designed to develop activities, co-leadership and resilience to change.

The goals defined for managerial work will follow three directions: goals related to results, basic goals and goals related to people management. The achievement of the goals will be monitored on a regular basis in navigation discussions with managerial employees and senior management. Coaching events were during 2017 organised separately for the different functions and on Group level. In addition, a virtual learning environment was introduced as part of the coaching programme. The training of managerial employees will continue also in 2018 according to the aforementioned goals.

health care figures
Absentee rate, illness (%)
- Men
- Women
Absentee hours, illness (h/person)
Persons, with 0 absentee rate 1)300246289233189
- Men
- Women
Occupational sickness rate00000
Health percentage (%)3833.8
Proportion of preventive occupational health care and medical care of total costs (%)69.666.8
Proportion of medical care of total costs (%)23.124.8
1) Data reported only for permanent employees