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RELIABLE GReen energy

We are in need of more electricity and less emissions. Nuclear power provides steady electricity production even on cloudy and windless days. Together with renewable sources of energy, nuclear power plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change.

Soon, the largest single climate action in Finland will be taken into use at Olkiluoto. After the commissioning of the most powerful nuclear power unit in the world, approximately 30% of Finland’s electricity will come from one island, where the entire lifecycle of nuclear power will be managed.

We are TVO – a nuclear power operator acting for the climate

TVO is a hub of Finnish nuclear power expertise

TVO possesses expertise on the entire lifecycle of a nuclear power plant from design and procurement of a plant unit to the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

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Our electricity production in real time (MW)


Electricity for the whole of Finland

The safe operation of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is based on skilled personnel and high-level plant technology. We produce almost sixth of Finland’s electricity in a year.

production_icon1 It is equal to the annual consumption of 690,000 houses.
production_icon2 It could also charge up to 2.47 million electric cars to travel around the world (total 40,075 kilometres per round).

A nuclear power operator acting for the climate

TVO is a non-listed public company that delivers climate-friendly electricity for its shareholders, Finnish industrial and power companies, at cost price. In the For Investors section, you will find comprehensive information on our operations.

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