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TVO promotes good, safe and equitable working conditions. In order to ensure coping at work, TVO wishes to look after the work well-being of the personnel. An extensive personnel study and safety culture survey is carried out among the entire personnel on a regular basis.

Attention is paid to the work well-being of TVO's employees in many different ways. Work well-being is promoted, for example, through a comprehensive occupational health care system with supplemental insurance coverage for the personnel. The Company also sponsors diverse recreational clubs of the employees that offer an opportunity to engage in sports, cultural and other free-time activities. The Company also has vacation facilities that the personnel can use. The provision of good opportunities for maintaining one's own competence and professional skills is an important part of work well-being.

The occupational health and safety activities are steered by the Occupational Health and Safety System certified to the OHSAS 18001 standard.