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EMAS statement

TVO's environmental report is based on the requirements laid down in the EMAS Regulation and serves as a verified environmental statement of the operation of the Company.

The environmental report for 2017 provides a comprehensive presentation of the environmental impact of TVO's operation, the Company's objectives with respect to environmental protection, and their achievement, as well as the key environmental indicators. DNV GL Business Assurance Finland Oy Ab (FI-V-0002) has 23th February 2018 in the capacity of an accredited, independent and objective party verified the information presented in the environmental report. The report can be found under "Verification report".

TVO publishes the environmental report in Finnish and English.
The information to be reported for 2018 will be published in the spring of 2019.


A clear and unambiguous description of the organization registering under EMAS and a summary of its activities, products, and services, and its relationship to any parent organizations as appropriate. Company   

The environmental policy and a brief description of the environmental
management system of the organization.
Company-level Policies
Environmental management
A description of all the significant direct and indirect environmental aspects which result in significant environmental impacts of the organization and an explanation of the nature of the impacts as related to these aspects. Environment and climate
Environmental impacts
A description of the environmental objectives and targets in relation to the significant environmental aspects and impacts. Environmental management
Results of the environmental program
A summary of the data available on the performance of the organization against its environmental objectives and targets with respect to its significant environmental impacts. Reporting shall be on the core indicators and on other relevant existing environmental performance indicators. Environmental management
Results of the environmental program
Environmental impacts
Environmental balance sheet
Cooling water
Raw materials and material efficiency
Production and energy efficiency
Emissions to air
Emissions to water and soil
Environmental research and biodiversity
Nuclear waste management
Other factors regarding environmental performance including performance against legal provisions with respect to their significant environmental impacts. Environmental management
Cooperation with authorities

Cooling water
Emissions to air
Emissions to water and soil
Waste management
A reference to the applicable legal requirements related to the environment. Cooperation with authorities
The name and accreditation number of the environmental verifier and the date of validation. Confirmation of compliance
Olkiluoto power plant has been EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) registered with code FI-000039 (NACE code 35).