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The safe operation of a nuclear power plant is based on competent and motivated personnel. TVO provides training on a continuous basis to maintain the professional competence and knowledge of the employees.

Henkilosto_koulutus_eng.pngInternal training is provided in e.g. plant engineering, nuclear power engineering and operational technology. A high competency level is achieved e.g. through targeted training requirements, job rotation, induction training and work guidance. An individual training plan has been drawn up for every TVO employee, listing e.g. the training requirements related to the function concerned, permits and special roles.

In 2017, competence development focused particularly on the training of new emplpoyees, methodical and timely implementation of OL3 training, and participation in IAEA’s Peer Review. Training of a high standard regarding the plant modifications, in particular, was the main objective of operational training related to OL1 and OL2. New online courses were added and OL3 training was implemented according to the project phases. IAEA’s Peer Review which was performed in March 2017 provided information about the status of training in the Group in comparison with the best practices of the industry.

The training of the operating personnel is extensive at the power plant and continues throughout their working career. The OL1 and OL2 operators attended the operational training days in the spring and in the autumn and the advanced simulator courses according to their revision training programme in 2017. A total of 21.1 days of training was provided to shift personnel at OL1 and OL2.

Several training events in various topics were organized for managerial personnel to promote the development of managerial skills. Nine managerial employees completed the basic managerial training. A few persons completed advanced courses in managerial work.

Project management training was provided to increase the level of project management competence, and the competence level was verified by means of IPMA certification. Three Group employees completed the IPMA C level (Project Manager) certificate and 19 employees the D level (Project Management Associate) certificate.

TVO's goal is to, for its own part, contribute to the development of competence by recognising also its own future needs as a provider of employment opportunities to experts in the nuclear energy sector. Cooperation with educational institutes, schools and students is implemented in many different ways.

Every year an extensive annual training programme is drawn up in the Group, taking into account not only function-specific training requirements but also other specifically identified training needs. The annual training programme was in most parts carried out according to the plan. The total number of training days for the personnel was 10,639 in 2017, i.e., on average 13.2 days for every TVO employee.

Puuttuu kuvaaja Personnels training days, days on average
The development of online training and learning continued with the external online learning environment, OppiNet. In the future, it will be possible to complete in the external and internal online learning environment several training courses related to the operation of the nuclear power plant. The general part of induction training is mandatory for all persons working in the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant area. The radiation protection part is mandatory for persons working in the controlled area. Both courses must be retaken every three years. The attendance statistics for the general part of the induction training and the radiation protection part cover attendees from TVO Group and contractors. In 2017, a total of 2,119 (in 2016: 2,561) people completed the general part of the induction training, 991 (2016: 1,170) of them completed a refresher course online. 1,397 people completed the radiation protection part, 637 of them completed a refresher course online. Both training parts were provided in Finnish and in English.

Training of OL3 operators under way

OL3 operators participated in 2017 in training provided by the plant supplier as well as in the theoretical and simulator parts of the basic simulator course. Simulator training will continue also in 2018. The operators also attended in 2017 the operational training days in the spring and in the autumn according to their revision training programme. The OL3 operators worked in shifts in the combined operating organisation of the plant supplier and TVO, carrying out system operation and monitoring tasks. They also participated in the review and preparation of operator instructions. The OL3 operators and OL3 operation instructors took part in the I&C system tests implemented by the plant supplier. Shift personnel for OL3 attended a total of 44.8 days of training in 2017.

Competence survey

The competence survey project was continued in 2017 by defining competences for functions and the criticality of the competences in terms of business activities. The objective of the competence survey is to identify the competencies needed in the Group. The competence survey provides valuable information about any competency shortages and thus it improves awareness of the actions needed to improve competence development.

Competence indicators
Training days per person
Training days total
- Training days men
- Training days women
Training days (on average)
- Senior salaried employees (11.7 days / person)
- Technical salaried employees (22.7 days / person)
- Industrial salaried employees (2.8 days / person)
- Workers (10.6 days / person)
- Fixed-term employees + others (12.1 days / person)
Induction training - general part in Finnish
- Participants
- Training revised by e-learning
Induction training - general part in English
- Participants
- Training revised by e-learning
Induction training - Radiation protection part
- Participants
- Training revised by e-learning
Occupational Safety Card training courses
- Participants